How To Get Referrals On Clixsense ?

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How To Get Referrals on Clixsense ? (solved)

Hello ! My Name Is Ammar Pasha , i am the manager and the SEO of Buzzerslog . And Today is Friday so i wanted to do something new teach you all something new ! so this is a way to make Millions of Dollars Through Referrals ! And it is not hard it is in your fingers if you know how to use it ! Mate trust me i have been searching the whole web from 2010 for PTC , GPT , Legit Etc , for You Guys that i take the tension and you not ! so it is never easy to get 100 referrals on clixsense , you need to focus on what i tell you and for that i have made a little bit of a photo thing First to tell Step By Step ! 

---------------------------FOLLOW EVERY STEP AND READ THE ABOVE INFO FIRST ----------------------------------------------------

Go To Google And Then Open Blogger 
To Open Blogger Link is Given Next : Blogger

Make a New Post ! follow the Yellow Marker . 

Make Your Own Desired Post Not Mine Do not Copy !  Like  " Earn Money Through Clixsense " 

Open A New Tab And Go On Clixsense Here Is The Link :  Clixsense Signup

Sign up ( make a new account ) or if already have an account Click Sign- in 

Then Go To Affiliates And Then Click Banners And Copy The HTML Code any banner you like ! 

Come Back On Blogger Post And Click HTML 

Paste The HTML Code on The HTML Place and then go back to compose .

Now See The BANNER It Would Be Something Like This ! 

Go To Hitleap : to go to Hitleap click  this Link :  HITLEAP Downlaoder
Now Go To Sign up and then download the program ! ( THIS IS FOR THE HITS )

When Downloaded Sign in and then got to my websites and add a new one and give your blogs address in it and start surfing the more you surf ( Auto surf ) the more hits you get ! Click The image if cant still see ! 

------------------------------------------------------ DONE-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Don't Forget to say thanks in the comments Sections ! 
And if any Problem Comment Please it Is Free To Comment ! 
Have Fun ! 


How To Hack a Facebook Account ?

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How To Hack A Facebook Account ( Solved )

Wanting to Hack someone's Facebook account.Curious ? Hack a Facebook account right now! Without any surveys or software.Learn Now! It is really simple what you have to do is really pay a penny it really works ! people have hacked more than 62 Ids At a time without stopping a second !! this is the best way as Buzzerslog does everything for you this is the next thing !

So What You Have To Do Is Just Simply Go To The Following Link :
Hack A Facebook Account Now


Buzzerslog News *
New Admin : Hashim 
Manager SEO : Ammar Pasha 

Welcome Admin ! 


List of Top 10 Highest Paying Legit PTC Sites to Earn

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List Of Top 10 Highest Paying Legit PTC Sites To Earn 

1 Million Hits :

This Is 1.000.000 Hits It Is # 1 Because it Produces Traffic And Gives Money For Surfing And For Referrals Once You Sign - up you have to surf only 100 pages to make your account active and  then you get a little gift known as A 1 MILLION HITS Bonus !!!! Yes it is true so if you are interested you can click the banner or go to the site manually . By :

1 Million Hits Sign up For Free

2 Clixsense :

This Site Is The Online Money Maker ! You Can Play Games Also When  You Are Bored And Visit Sites To Earn Some Extra Cash Like Monthly You Can Earn About 50 $ By Doing Nothing !!!  Yes it is true so if you are interested you can click the banner or go to the site manually . By :

Sign Up Here For Clixsense

3 EasyHits4U :

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

Ok ! So This Is Also A Very Very Good Website it is been paying since 2009 and it gives you a real 1.1 Ratio And it produces Traffic Also And Money Too . It Is Very Easy To Generate Some High Five Income As My Estimate It Can Pay You 40 $ For Just Clicking on Ads !!! Yes it is true so if you are interested you can click the banner or go to the site manually . By :

Sign up For EasyHits4U NOW

4 Hits4pay :

So This IS HITS4PAY . it is a verified paying PTC that gives you a $ 5 free signup Bonus Too !! 
and it Takes only 5 $ For AUTOPILOT Program so if you don't wanna waste your time so just buy a 5 $ program i refer Hits4pay Very Very Very Much !!! Yes it is true so if you are interested you can click the banner or go to the site manually . By :


5 CashnHits :

CashNHits Paying Since 2008 members enjoy their Earnings And Advertisers Enjoy Their Traffic Low Minimum Payout And is known as the best PTC Site Ever .!!!
 383,967 Members     188 New Today     $403,995.02 Total Paid    
 Yes it is true so if you are interested you can click the banner or go to the site manually . By :

Sign up For CASH N HITS For Free

6 Neobux :

 Neobux Is Known as One of the best PTC Sites In The World ! It Has Payed Every single User The Money they Have Earned ! the amazing thing about Neobux That makes it the one of the best is it is a Traffic Solution For Advertisers and is also best for people who want to earn a little but on the couch !! !
Yes it is true so if you are interested you can click the banner or go to the site manually . By :

Sign Up For Neobux For Free !!

7 Klixion : 

  Kilxion is Best for the people who want there websites shining like a new Dollar , it Gives you 1 hit in just 10 Seconds ! with 1 . 1 Ratio , Not By Premium but by Regular membership !! the best thing about Klixion is that it gives you a free signup bonus of 10000 Credits !!! so it means 10,000 Website Hits For Free !!!
Yes it is true so if you are interested you can click the banner or go to the site manually . By :

Sign Up For Klixion For Free !! !

 Go See This Amazing Article : How I Made 100 $ daily on autopilot 500 % FREE
How To Get Facebook Fans : Get 1000000000 Facebook Fanpage Likes For Free


Gta Vice City Download

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GTA Vice City Download :

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on 27 October 2002 for the PlayStation 2 console, on 12 May 2003 forMicrosoft Windows, and on 31 October 2003 for the Xbox console. It is the sixth title in the Grand Theft Auto series, and the first main entry since 2001's Grand Theft Auto III.

More Images : 
Hud Changed MOD Gta VC

Download GTA Vice City From Here : 

Download GTA Vice City ( Click )

Download GTA Vice City Torrent From Here : 

Downlaod GTA Vice City Torrent ( Click )

Posted By : Ammar Pasha ( SEO Blogger ) ( Buzzerslog Owner )

-------------------------------------------------------- Ammar Pasha All Rights Reserved -------------------------------------------------------


How To Approve Your Adsense Account In Pakistan

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How To Approve Your Adsense Account In PAKISTAN ?

As You Can See Here That There Is The Total Earning Of An Normal Blogger :$ 31,171.55 Estimated!
it is never hard ! always its the mind that does everything you can control that you can than control anything !
so First Of All Listen To Me Carefully you follow my every step , if you don't you wont earn the millions ! so Second of all i will give you a bulletin down this line read it and follow it its a 6 month Process .

Follow The Following Steps : 

  • Buy An Domain 
  • Post More Than 20 Best Try Posts 
  • Bring Visitors To Your Posts 
  • Your Blog Should Be As Old As 6 Months 
  • You Should Not Copy Anything From Any Other Peoples Blog
 ------- D.O.N.E ---------

Posted By : Ammar Pasha  ( Buzzerslog Admin ) (SEO Blogger ) ( Head Of Staff ) 


How To Get unique Visitors On My Site ? ( solved )

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How To Get Unique Visitors On My Site ?

How To Get People to know that you also have a blog ?? it is very simple yet it would take an hour or so !
i will start with to words " Hit Leap " it is so cool ! you can earn minutes instead of Credits or Gold Points ( GP ) so i really really like it ! i mean all the hard work of your blog so you should have some of the rest thing too right ? so i will give you a link to download the software yes you are thinking that hit leap is a site that we always have to open and click auto surf no Not All it is a software whenever you open your PC It Starts By itself and makes minutes and i mean like 10 Minutes of Surfing And You Get Like 68 Page views All Are Unique !

Yes ! YES ! This Is Buzzerslog ! you can see the gain of my blog i live in Pakistan and you can see the Green Color On The World Map Pakistan is not even Listed !

Download HIT LEAP : 
Hit Leap Download

OK So Click The Hit leap Download Link And Enjoy Your Visitors Dont Forget To Say Thanks In Comment Box !

Written By :  Ammar Pasha ( Buzzerslog Owner )
:) Keep Smiling :)


Celebrating 10000 Views !

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Thanks Guys ! We Have Accomplished Our Goals
TEN THOUSAND HITS !!!! Amazing ! Thanks For Your Support Guys Love You All !!!
 I Am Extremely Happy Today :D 
Yes ! 
once again Good Wins ! 
By : Ammar Pasha :) Buy Websites


HitLeap Speed Hack 30 X Using Cheat Engine !

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Hit Leap Speed Hack 30x Using Cheat Engine ! 

 You Will Need : 
Hitleap firefox cheat engune 

 open Cheat Engine ! 
Then Click This Computer Thing ! 

 Make Sure You Have Firefox ! 
Open It ! And Make Sure That Hitleap is running ! 
 Click On Enable SpeedHack ! ( TICK IT ) 

 Change It To 30 . 0 ! 
And Click Apply On It ! 
2 Times click APPLY ! 
 Done Now Have The Viewers On Your Site ! 

:) Psoted By : Ammar Pasha ( SEO Blogger ) ( BuzzerSlog CEO )


How To Get Facebook Followers With Images !

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Facebook Follower Trick No Illegal All Legal ! ! ! 
100% Guarantee That You Get Easy Fast Followers !!!

Go To

Follow This LIST :  And Msg Me if you have !

I Am Followed By : 6,753 People .
And For More Tricks Go To My Other Blog Posts ! 
Ammar Pasha :)


How To Get Easy Facebook Followers Instantly ! With PROOF

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Yes This Is True !

So My Name Is Ammar Pasha You Can See The Proof Of Followers Rising In It At This Point they are more than 1500 +  and it is no magic you can also make them it it simple Just follow My Instructions !

  1. Follow This : Follow
  2. Follow This Too : Follow < 2 >
  3. Now Go  : HERE
  4. Now Click On Create List 
  5. Now Add Yourself And  Ammar Pasha in it .
  6. Now Click Done And Say Your Friends To Follow Your List And You Gain Followers ! 

Ultimately You Get Followers !!!!

Now it is Time For Proofing : 

Thank you Very Much For Obeying  
Pasha .....................................................  END ......................................................................

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