How To Get Referrals On Clixsense ?

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How To Get Referrals on Clixsense ? (solved)

Hello ! My Name Is Ammar Pasha , i am the manager and the SEO of Buzzerslog . And Today is Friday so i wanted to do something new teach you all something new ! so this is a way to make Millions of Dollars Through Referrals ! And it is not hard it is in your fingers if you know how to use it ! Mate trust me i have been searching the whole web from 2010 for PTC , GPT , Legit Etc , for You Guys that i take the tension and you not ! so it is never easy to get 100 referrals on clixsense , you need to focus on what i tell you and for that i have made a little bit of a photo thing First to tell Step By Step ! 

---------------------------FOLLOW EVERY STEP AND READ THE ABOVE INFO FIRST ----------------------------------------------------

Go To Google And Then Open Blogger 
To Open Blogger Link is Given Next : Blogger

Make a New Post ! follow the Yellow Marker . 

Make Your Own Desired Post Not Mine Do not Copy !  Like  " Earn Money Through Clixsense " 

Open A New Tab And Go On Clixsense Here Is The Link :  Clixsense Signup

Sign up ( make a new account ) or if already have an account Click Sign- in 

Then Go To Affiliates And Then Click Banners And Copy The HTML Code any banner you like ! 

Come Back On Blogger Post And Click HTML 

Paste The HTML Code on The HTML Place and then go back to compose .

Now See The BANNER It Would Be Something Like This ! 

Go To Hitleap : to go to Hitleap click  this Link :  HITLEAP Downlaoder
Now Go To Sign up and then download the program ! ( THIS IS FOR THE HITS )

When Downloaded Sign in and then got to my websites and add a new one and give your blogs address in it and start surfing the more you surf ( Auto surf ) the more hits you get ! Click The image if cant still see ! 

------------------------------------------------------ DONE-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Don't Forget to say thanks in the comments Sections ! 
And if any Problem Comment Please it Is Free To Comment ! 
Have Fun ! 


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