HTC’s Desire Eye Puts Selfie And Back Cameras On Equal Footing

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HTC’s new Desire Eye is a brand new camera that includes two 13 megapixel cameras, with the same capabilities front and back. Each has a dual color LED flash, similar to that found on the iPhone, and they come in two-color plastic unibody designs. It has IPX67 waterproofing, (which is the same as that found in the Samsung Galaxy S5) and is good for quick submersion in shallow water, and splash protection.
It drops the Duo camera, which is probably a good thing, as frankly this was one of HTC’s big weaknesses on recent devices, despite claims they made that the larger pixels on the sensor actually made for better photographs. The two-tone look is actually pretty attractive at a distance at least.
HTC made the unfortunate choice of debuting these with a fashion show, which was long and painful to watch. Each model was holding one of the phones, but otherwise the connection seemed tenuous at best.
The new smartphone ships with HTC’s new Eye camera software suite, which includes the formidable auto-selfie feature, and HTC’s own take on a Frontback-style app. Other than that the phone looks pretty enticing, though its Desire line classification likely means it won’t be a flagship killer. We’ll add full specs and availability to this post once they become available.
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