Nettlebox Is A $28,000 Hologram Rig That Lets You View Real-Time 3D From All Angles

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At $28,000 the Nettlebox itself is not about to become the next great leap forward in home videogaming, but Nettle is targeting this device at the presentation/exhibition market. It is also working with real-estate companies on developing showroom/presentation use cases by, for instance, allowing architects to walk around a hologram of a model building.
After that, it does have videogaming in its sights. “The next step for us is gaming. We are going to create a gaming machine for amusement parks,” says Desyatov. “And then the last step is for videogames like strategies like Starcraft and so on.”
Pushing the Nettlebox into the home gaming market is going to require some serious squeezing of its price tag but Desyatov reckons it will be possible to build something that is “affordable for most users.”
Nettle is bootstrapping at present and launched the Nettlebox in Russia a few months ago. It’s got five customers so far and is looking to expand that customer base internationally, eyeing the U.S. market. “We’re thinking about looking for external funding to increase the speed of entering the gaming industry,” he adds.

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