The iPhone 6 Plus Is Great For Gamers

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iPhone 6 Plus gaming
Beyond the ergonomic advantages that come with the 6 Plus’s size when gaming, screen quality and battery life do a lot to make gaming on the device feel like less of a compromise compared to a dedicated handheld console. Simply put, its 1080p “Retina HD” screen is a step above what you find on the Vita and leagues ahead of what you find on the 3DS. As game developers figure out how to take advantage of Metal, Apple’s new framework for tapping into the iPhone’s graphics hardware, games on the iPhone 6 Plus and its plus-sized successors will likely surprise casual gamers with their flashy shading and particle effects.
While the 6 Plus’s battery life has gotten a lot of acclaim when compared to previous models of the iPhone, it’s even more impressive when compared to its handheld gaming rivals despite the fact that they have more room to squeeze in big batteries and don’t sport cellular connectivity. While a Vita or 3DS might last 5 hours on a charge when playing games that tax their hardware, the 6 Plus is an absolute beast, handling multiple hours-long sessions playing a variety of graphically-intense games. It’s nice to know that you can get to an airport in the late morning, play games all day as you fly across the country, and still have enough juice to get you through the evening, all on one device.
Unless you simply must have access to Sony and Nintendo’s exclusive games, it’s not hard to imagine shifting all of your “hardcore” handheld gaming over to the 6 Plus. As time goes by, those in the Applesphere will discover the advantages of bigger phones and game developers will take advantage of the fact that the tools they use also work on the iPhone; it will be interesting to see whether gamers will be willing to pay premium prices for gaming experiences that mirror what they’d get on dedicated consoles. That doesn’t seem to be the case on Android phablets, where users tend to be less willing to pay for things in general. On the 6 Plus, which users are already paying a pretty hefty premium to get, it seems plausible that high-end smartphone gaming could finally get some real attention from consumers.

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