Will.i.am’s New Wearable Can Call And Text Without A Phone

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Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am revealed his new wearable device and company to the world in a Dreamforce keynote today.
He’s been talking about this device for a while now, referring to it as more of a fashion technology than a watch. And he’s right. The device, called the PULS, is much more than a watch. It’s definitely a wearable that has a watch in it, but it also has a GPS map system, a music player, fitness tracker that tracks your steps, weight and calories burned, social network sites like Facebook and Twitter and it can use your contacts to call or text, without the need for a phone.
Will.i.am’s new wearable technology company i.am+ will also carry a jacket that powers the PULS, a backpack with a sound system and shoes that tell you how much you weigh and how many steps you’ve made per day. All wearables hook in with the PULS to either help you track information about yourself or power the device. The device itself has a built-in mirrored sim so your phone and the device can use the same number. Developers can also build apps for the PULS. Apps like Humin and Esri already work with the device.
We don’t know exactly what the retail price will be but will.i.am did say it was less than the cost of an iPhone without a plan and that it was “affordable.” This is the first device to ever offer a phone free calling feature.

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